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JX-10 Super JX

Roland JX-10 Super JX
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The Roland JX-10 Super JX was a 12-voice analog synthesizer keyboard produced from 1984 to 1989, along with a rack-mounted version, the MKS-70. It was the last true analog synthesizer made by Roland and has been critically acclaimed as one of their classic analog instruments. The design is essentially two Roland JX-8P synthesizers put together, with a 76-note velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch. It also includes features not found on the JX-8P, including a simple 1-track sketchbook sequencer and a delay effect (which works like a "MIDI delay" by delaying one tone rather than acting as a true DSP delay effect). However, the JX-10 is not exactly the same as "two JX-8P's" because the chorus is not identical to the JX-8P (hence the chorus sounds different between the JX-8P and the JX-10 with single patches). The JX-10 also has a slightly different amplifier section as well as different electronic components which further distinguish its sound from its predecessor, the JX-8P.


Behringer DeepMind 12

Now please make 76 key version, and we'll have modern JX10 boing rockout

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups floor not touching wall...etc) and has tie lines into the house. Synths include Roland D50, Juno 106, JX10, DSI Mopho, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Roland System8, Moog Sub 37, DSI Tempest, Roland System 1, Korg Arp Odyssey, Arturia MiniBrute, Roland JP8000, Korg Wavestation, Roland Jupiter 4. Roland TR8. Controllers...

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Hyper-inflated used prices = More NEW gear

...more than the thing was selling for in '85. I think it works out to like 7,000 current GBP. A JX-10 or MKS-70 is less than it went for back then even before inflation. DX7 & K2000 were also totally out of reach of most people. We really do live in a time with...

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