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Roland Jupiter-4
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Polyphonic (4 voice) synthesizer, with sync function (for creating one monophonic voice). it has an arpeggiator, and 8 memory bank. One Voltage Controlled Oscillator per voice giving the option of triangle, square, PWM square and one swichable sub oscillator. One LFO, a highpass and resonant lowpass filter. Two envelope generators, one for the filter, one for the VCA. Ensemble/chorus effect. The keyboard has 49 keys. A trigger input is provided for arpeggiator control. (Produced: 1978-1979)


Mercury 4 - Jupiter 4

Didn't see a thread on this yet: Cherry Audio's latest - Jupiter 4 emulation. Downloading now to try it out...

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

...And I dream that some day they will do homage to Japanese school of synth designs, adding Jupiter 4 oscillators and filters to this line (I know, it will never happen). - Tempest -> stereo to mixer. It is my only drum machine for fast jamming. The rest are Ableton Live and DFAM supplements, but...

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Oberheim Is Back - OB-X8 Synthesizer

...have been advocating for. (I went out and recorded hundreds of samples from dozens of vintage synths (CS80s, Jupiter 4, Jupiter 6, Jupiter 8s, OBXs, OBXa, MemoryMoogs, Prophets, Polysix, etc... ) I actually sent Dave and his team an email prior to publishing the VCM website, asking them if they wanted to...

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