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Roland JUNO-6
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The first in a series of amazingly affordable quality synthesizers from Roland's amazing Juno family! The Juno-6 is a six voice polyphonic analog synthesizer! It's a very stable synth thanks to its digitally controlled analog oscillators. The Juno-6 sounds great, however it lacks basic necessities like MIDI control and patch memory storage.

The Juno-6 and 60 are very rich sounding synthesizers and are great analog machines as long as you can overlook the absence of MIDI control. Of course nobody can deny that the wooden side panel look is a true sign of Vintage status!


Gear thread - Pics of your setups

...too close to the wall, but it works. Everything compact and within immediate reach is very nice. Synthesizers: SEM (orig), SH-2, Juno 6, MKS-70 (PG-800), Prophet 5 (rev 3), Microwave XTK (10 voice), Kronos 73. FX: AD 202, DP/2, PCM 80 (with dual FX), PCM 90 (with dual reverb), Eclipse, Mangler & Rumour; and some pedals...

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What's in your analog synth collection??????

Oberheim SEM Roland SH-2 Roland Juno 6 Roland MKS-70 SCI Prophet 5 rev3

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Roland Cloud

If i recall well go zenology and after expansions you ll ge5 the banks , one is vintage synth it add th presets and soundsource become availlable for sound design new patches if you want ...

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