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RODE Classic
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The Rode Classic represents the epitome of microphone performance and design which is the result of a 'no compromise' endeavour from Rode to develop a microphone that performs on par with renowned, vintage European microphones but at a more reasonable price point.

A GE 6072 twin triode valve is at the heart of the Classic and contributes to it's unique sound quality along with a dual pressure gradient transducer, custom designed Jensen transformer and careful compenent selection.

The Classic includes a dedicated PSU so phantom power from a console/recorder is not required. The PSU unit also offers controls for polar pattern, HPF (low-cut) and PAD.


Vocal Microphones - Which Song Used Which - The Ultimate List

...Duran Duran - Astronaut RCA 77DX - White Stripes - Icky Thump (album) RCA 77DX - Jack White - Amex unstaged (live) RODE CLASSIC - Adele - Roling in the Deep RODE CLASSIC - Radiohead - OK computer (along with a U47) RODE NT1A - Amy Winehouse - Valerie RODE NT1A - Friendly Fires - Friendly Fires RODE NTK - Portishead...

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UA Apollo First Look (user review)

...has/gets gear that works for him and I know that feeling. I bought a hi end mike online ( rode classic mkii) yesterday never heard it live so fingers crossed. I'll post a shoot out though apollo pre with my 102, at4033 and the new one next weekend . On paper it should...

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Is it normal to just not like a highly regarded mic?

man, I can't imagine choosing a Rode classic over an 87 in many situations, but I guess you never know what a given specimen sounds like, and everyone's taste is different. .. on a bit of a tangent, your username reminded me of the sale Beyer is currently running. 10% ain't bad, but when you...

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