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Rocktron Intellifex
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The Rocktron Intellifex® LTD is a 24-bit digital effects processor utilizing three individual 16-bit converters and Sigma-Delta A/D conversion, achieving a 64x
oversampling rate and better than 100dB dynamic range. The Intellifex LTD is totally programmable and allows for complete MIDI control. The unit features pitch shifting, 8 voice stereo chorusing effects, digital delay effects including 2-tap, stereo and ping ponging effects, unsurpassed digital reverb quality and highly flexible configuration programming allowing for simultaneous operation of up to 5 effects plus complete mixing capabilities. The unit also offers Hush Systems’ first fully digital implementation of patented HUSH® noise reduction at the unit’s input, along with delay and reverb ducking capabilities.


I have joined the cult of Eventide H3000

...available. And learned A LOT by doin' that. When I had the LXP-1 my dream was the PCM70... and owning an Intellifex made me dream about an H3000. Just reading and listening to so many artists, engineers and records made with such legends as the mighty Lexicons & Eventides, the old TCs and the great AMS...

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The best 80's rack effects processor for guitar.

...the PCM 70 has a lot of character, I always found the Quadraverb a bit generic sounding. What about an Intellifex, btw? Or a Digitech GSP 2101 (I have one of those, too)?

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Alesis Quadraverb vs Roland SRV2000 for late 80s hard&heavy guitar sound

I would add the Rocktron Intellifex to the list. I'd swap it immediately for my Quadraverb GT.

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