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LX480 Complete

Relab LX480 Complete
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Full screen interface For over two decades, the Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System has been the standard by which all other signal processors are measured. The Lexicon 480L remains a popular choice among top producers for the most demanding tasks. Even today the Lexicon 480L is widely considered as one of the best-sounding reverbs ever built.

When creating the first entry for their own product line, Relab Development decided to create the most accurate emulation that could replace this legendary hardware reverb. The LX480 plugin goes far beyond emulation by using the exact same reverb technology and introducing higher density modes and functions not found on the original.

The LX480 will set the new standard for reverb plugins in the future. Download the demo and listen!


• Faithfull recreation of the reverb algorithms from the Lexicon 480L*
- Random Hall
- Hall
- Room / Plate
- Random Ambience
- Twin Delays

• Modeled input and output stages - Everything is modeled from internal clipping to
quirks in the feedback loops
• Additional exclusive features and functions not found on the original
- Continuous controls
- Flexible and additional filter structures for better sound shaping
- More ER delay lines
- Stereo manipulation
- 88.2Khz and 96Khz support

• Improved algorithms with higher density than found on any other reverb plugin (and the original)
• Quick controls and customizable display


You can select between 4 routing configurations with different algorithms in each engine for extremely wide reverberation :
• Single
• Cascade
• Mono Split
• Stereo Split

Customisation panel
The display is completely customizable with sliders for HUE, color saturation, brightness, reflection amount and back lighting. The reflection type and background graphic can be modified.

Lexicon, 480L Digital Effects System and 480L are trademarks of Lexicon Inc. which are in no way associated or affiliated with Relab Development.
These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose sounds were studied during the development of the plugin.


ReLab LX480 Complete is DONE!!

The full release version is ready to try. get it here. Release of LX480 Complete VST/AU I've had the pleasure of beta testing the plug for a while now and imo it's outstanding!kfhkh

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Relab Development Releases Long-Awaited LX480 Essentials Reverb Plug-In

...because I wanted to know this myself haha) Medium Hall is in fact built upon the Random Hall algo from the LX480 Complete - which in my mind take Essentials to a level of "mind blown" And I will update any/all text to ensure this is clear. Well played! haha

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Relab Development Releases Long-Awaited LX480 Essentials Reverb Plug-In

Thanks a lot for the clear response, much appreciated!

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