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The Panasonic-Ramsa WR-S4424 is a 24 channel mixing console with 4 busses. It has a preamp, a 3 band equalizer with selectable midrange, and 3 auxes per channel. It was produced in Japan by the Panasonic corporation.


Should i to get RAMSA?

...the last 2 seconds. That thing just LOOKS like it would sound fantastic! Impressive e.q. ????..... do tell more, my WRS4424 e.q. is ok at best but the board sounds WARM AND FAT. If you mean noisy by you can actually HEAR the preamps turned up, I'd say that's WILL have that sound...

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So many inputs! what are you guys with hardware using for mixers?

A lot of mono channels with faders? You might be able to find a Panasonic Ramsa WR-S4424 used pretty cheap. That would give you 24 mono channels with some eq, auxes, and some great preamps if needed. It also does direct out on every channel if needed. They used run close to 20 grand...

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Need mic pre 70's sound, tell me please

...way. Even though pluggins were starting to sound pretty good... something was missing. Years ago I ended getting a Ramsa WRS4424 for a front end, everything ran through the Ramsa, bought a LA-610 for vocals and DI tracking, and then a modest Art VLA compressor that pretty much lived on kick and snare. I...

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