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Modern day recording and post-production processes require a high degree of flexibility combined with co-compromise audio signal quality.

The WR-8616 fulfills both these requirements and more with innovative electronic design and rugged steel construction. The versatile mainframe combined with a variety of modules allow this console to be tailored to either recording, post-production applications or a combination thereof.

This approach facilitates interfacing with a wide variety of equipment such as tape cartridge machines, 2 to 16 track tape machines and up to 16 microphones. Six channels of remote play/stop controls allow convenient cueing of tape cartridge machines, turntables, etc.

The WR-8616 is design to perform all its functions efficiently and effectively, minimizing re-patching and set-up time. Such cost effectiveness can be a real selling point in today's competitive industrial climate.


Ramsa console used on Nirvana's Bleach?

...gotten over my console craze. in a 5 year span, i owned a soundcraft 6000 44ch, a Tac matchless 36, Ramsa 8816, soundtracs midi 32, studer 169 12, d8b, o2r, ramsa da7, and a kitchen sink with faders called a tascam m3700. i've finally married a TLAudio m4 tube console. we are very much...

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Do Ramsa WR-8428's even exist anymore?

So, I love the Ramsa WR-8616 console and as a result have been interested in its larger-format relative, the WR-8428, for a long time. For years, I've been searching Google and eBay for them daily, and have never seen one come up for sale. At some point I gave up on ever buying one,...

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Should i to get RAMSA?

Roy T: I made a meter bridge for my Ramsa WR8816 with parts from an old TEAC/Tascam board. I used the Ramsa's -10dB outputs from the "Stereo" L-R and "Send" L-R to feed the bridge's four meters. Note: There are both +4 and -10 jacks for the main outputs on those Ramsa boards. The...

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