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PSP Audioware Xenon
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PSP Xenon is a full band, dual-stage limiter plug-in (AudioUnit, VST and RTAS, AAX for MacOSX; VST and RTAS, AAX for PC) featuring an integrated Leveller, advanced K-System metering and psychoacoustically optimized wordlength reduction. PSP Xenon offers 64-bit precision processing throughout its entire signal path, and can operate at sample rates up to 192kHz.
Once you experience for yourself the pristine, transparent response and intuitive design of this plug-in, we believe it will become your "go to" limiter for mastering and other critical audio applications.


Your Favorite Limiter Plugin?

PSP Xenon always sounds more transparent than the sonnox and L2, but sometimes their sound is what you need. I always find limiters strange in that you can't predict the best one the same way you can with compressors or EQ's. It's more of a try it and see what works. There really is no...

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PSP InfiniStrip Released

...hit the preamps hard, we recommend using higher sample rates. Even with plugins like PSP E27, PSP Xenon or PSP VintageWarmer - where high quality oversampling algorithms were used - we still recommend higher sample rates if you’re going to hit the gain hard. While we’ve used double sampling intensively in our flagship plug-ins for over...

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