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A resounding success with audiophiles internationally since its launch in 1990, the Studio 100 is also consistently selected by top recording engineers for near-field monitoring in major studios -ample testimony to its overall sound quality and neutrality at monitor reference levels.

Few compact loudspeakers offer such a clean uncoloured performance and remarkable transparency. With virtually flat frequency response and negligible distortion, the Studio 100 is one of the most accomplished compact performers on the market today.

The bass unit is unique. Manufactured exclusively for ProAc, it has a particularly linear motor assembly, superb magnet and chassis construction and a special centre pole plug. When precisely tuned in the cabinet this driver gives an incredibly natural bass quality and definition, combined with generous power handling.

The tweeter is a featherlight one-inch soft dome unit, once again specially manufactured for ProAc. Made from a new impregnated fabric, the dome itself is exceptionally light in construction giving the Studio 100 a distinctively uncoloured and transparent high frequency.

The high quality crossover network marries the two drive units seamlessly giving a spacious soundstage with almost tangible imagery. Only the finest components are used and the speaker is wired throughout with our own high-quality multi-strand wire. The cabinet itself is made from a composite material with walls of differing thicknesses and a new and more efficient heavy damping material ensures that the cabinets are practically inert.

Although the Studio 100 can be shelf-mounted, high mass stands with good rigidity are preferable for optimum results. The full potential of these thoroughbred designs will only be realised through the use of the highest quality partnering equipment.


Amphion... Beautiful

I am thinkin of ditching my Pro ac studio 100's and trying these out. What so you guys think? How loud can the go? would power with either a bryston 4sst or yamaha p2200. Thoughts? ej

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Serban Ghenea Mixes - all ITB?

...anything TOO good! If I can make a mix sound really good on mid-level speakers (yes, i'm calling Pro-AC Studio 100 mid level), it will sound good on a larger variety of playback systems than if I only make it sound good on a top-shelf system. Hearing these mixes on an absolute...

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Best mixing headphones!

...headphone amp that also drives my ns10 monitors. i usually check balances on the ns10's super quiet, and i have proac 100's that i use when tracking...but these days so much of my mixing is done on the audeze headphones. partially out of necessity as my current room at home isn't treated nor an...

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