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Studio One Professional 5.5

PreSonus Studio One Professional 5.5
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Studio One 5.5 is now available!
Studio One 5.5 adds many new improvements for production, performance, and especially mastering. The first and still only DAW with an integrated mastering environment, Studio One 5.5’s Project Page is now even more powerful. With more than two dozen new features, improvements, and workflow enhancements, Studio One 5.5 will supercharge your productions whether your creating, mastering, or performing them live.

Track Automation on Project Page
Studio One 5.5 introduces the #1 feature request for the Project Page: Automation is here! This new feature lets you automate track and master volume, as well as any Plug-in parameter, either in real-time using your mouse or hardware controller, or by using the familiar tools, including the powerful Paint Tool with its eight different modes. Apply volume automation to your liking; implement some gentle compression over time to bring some lift to your choruses; or dynamically tweak your tracks’ stereo width for a consistent stereo imaging across your entire album.

Once created, automation data can be modified in different ways, including via the useful bracket tool, transform tool, or by editing the shape of automation lines and curves directly with the Arrow tool. Adding an automation lane for a specific plug-in parameter is a two-click operation. Automation is available for individual track and master volume, as well as any track insert effects plug-in or plug-ins on the Master bus.

Clip Gain Envelopes on Project Page
Clip Gain Envelopes are now available on the Project page so you can precisely fix gain issues while mastering without using dynamics plug-ins.

Clip Gain Envelopes are the perfect tool for correcting sections of audio that are either too loud or too soft without adding a Compressor or Limiter plug- in. Add breakpoints to the Gain Envelope simply by clicking on the curve and dragging the point to your desired location. Changes to the clip gain are instantly reflected in the audio waveform so you have a reliable visual display of the overall level. Clip Gain Envelopes are sample-accurate, so they can be used to fix everything from entire voiceover takes to single clicks and pops.

Listen Bus on Project Page
The Listen Bus is now available on the Project Page, allowing you to monitor through a separate output with separate effects while keeping the Master output unaffected. This way, you can use popular room correction plug-ins such as Sonarworks Reference or headphone monitoring tools such as Waves Abbey Road Studio while mastering or mixing.


Reaper vs Studio one

It's funny to find a thread with this name, as I've been looking into Reaper vs Studio One for the past couple of weeks. Sometimes I lean towards going with Reaper, sometimes towards Studio One. I used Cubase for many years, then switched to Pro Tools, then back to Cubase. I'm now looking to make...

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M1 Apple Silicon Experiences in Audio

Glad someone else is offering up some perspective. It is unfortunate, because on paper, their interfaces should be amazing. The sound of the conversion, the preamps, and the I/O are great for the money, but they are let down by their driver and software support. After 3 years of dealing with troubleshooting their software/drivers for them,...

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Acustica Audio announces JET | The Ultimate 2-band Dynamic EQ embracing the Analog and Digital world

I'm thinking Jet B needs more optimization also or after the jet C004 update, Studio One has become incompatible. After installing the Jet B Trial, Jet C004 VST3 crashes Studio One 5.5.2 entirely when selecting B presets. Not in my other DAWs. Also doing something simple like Blank Template one track > Insert 48kHz wav file...

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