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PreSonus HP4
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Straight forward headphone control at a great price, everybody needs one! The new HP4 from PreSonus answers the need for a headphone distribution amplifier with professional specifications in a small package at an affordable price. The HP4 features four discrete headphone outputs on the front panel each with its own volume potentiometer and 150mW of amplification per channel. The HP4 also features adjustment over control room monitors with a separate volume control, monitor mute switch and mono switch giving you an extremely powerful monitoring solution at an amazingly low price.PreSonus HP4 Features Four High Power Headphone Outputs Ultra loud (150mW per channel) Ultra quiet operation Musical Wide Dynamic Range Control Room Monitor Outputs with Level Control Mono or Stereo Operation Monitor Mute Switch Daisy Chain an Infinite Number of Units Compact package


First TRS cable splicing/soldering...pic inside

...monitoring... Basically, this OP and I are trying to do the same thing. Go from the headphone out of a Presonus HP4 into the input of a Behritone. Basically, going from a headphone out to a line-level in. The post mentions putting 100ohm resistors inline to attenuate the signal, and also changing the signal from stereo...

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Routing FMR RNLA to Soundcraft FX16 II

My setup is Scarlett 18i20 and ADA8000 using ADAT connection giving me 16 inputs interface. All my 16 outs from mixer goes to this interface. I want to record our band live using this solution with no latency. What is the best way to give my fellow musicians headphone listening using PreSonus HP4?

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Your first audio setup

...X-Station controller, Presonus HP 4 (died 4 months into buying it) and some awful headphones that came bundled with the HP4s lol, or was it bundled with the interface? I really can't remember. I bought it from Austin Bazaar, off Amazon. They offered some great bundles. I wonder if they're still in business? I still...

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