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Brainworx bx_digital V2

Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx_digital V2
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bx_digital V2 works in 3 modes; M/S Mastering, M/S Recording and L/R Stereo. The sophisticated M/S Mastering mode allows you to manipulate, massage, and manhandle mixed tracks to a seemingly impossible degree. The powerful M/S Recording mode decodes mid/side recordings and provides frequency and spatial tools designed to make your tracks sound HUGE. It’s the perfect mode for recording M/S microphone setups in real-time and giving you the amazing sonic results M/S recordings are capable of — hassle free.


Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

Dyn EQ, Digital V2 and Alpha compressor, are excellent tools. Top quality. They live in my projects together with stuff from UA, Slate, Sound toys, Eventide, Fabfilter Pro-q2. Also, Millenia NSEQ-2, SPL Transient designer, Vertigo VSM-3, Vertigo VSC-2, (I use them in the uad version) are extremely good.

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Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

You should read this. Makes it easy to understand what PA is. You might have a preference towards Slate or Softube, which is totally fine, but you can't really say that they are a level above the stuff offered by PA. The Vertigos, Maags and many others are on the same as the best Slates, Softubes...

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Pre-emphasis / De-emphasis eq linking?

You can easily achieve those results with Brainworx Digital V3 using their Gain Scale adjustment. Copy the plugin and then set it to -100% on the duplicate to get the inverse curve.

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