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A select few guitar amps become legends by being a key sonic component of countless hit records and part of the signature tone of a myriad of revered guitarists. Mesa Boogie’s Dual Rectifier® is one such amp. Unlike other legendary amp circuits, this amp is not only known for a single sound but rather an incredibly wide range of tones- from jazzy cleans to warm crunch to singing overdrive to high gain sounds. Brainworx has now lovingly recreated this legend in plugin form with the bx_megadual.


Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

Indeed an awesome company. Great quality and support. My favorites: All the Elysia/Vertigo/Maag plugs and the new amps Megal Dual and ENGL 646.

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Do we have any fans of this amp out there?

We have a preorder introductory price for more amps in the package and it seems even the regular price of AmpliTube MESA/Boogie is better... That's the less important part, though. More important is that these are official amps that we worked directly with MESA/Boogie to get absolutely right. They have a VERY...

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Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

...the usage it would see here. Plus I kinda 'stole' the sound from 3 points on the knob using the BX mega dual, a 4x12 and 1x12 cab IR that I thought was close to what I was hearing. The EQ match was the winner to push the rig close enough that I just...

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