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Pioneer SR-101
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Pioneer SR-101 Tube reverb unit. Spring reverb.
Also functions as a tube preamp with reverb turned all the way down. Adds tube warmth to any input signal. Can also be used in signal path for instruments.


Spring Reverb

the reverb used on her voice (at least in the mix) was a pioneer sr-101 tube spring reverb. I have one. It's great! although it's fiddly with gain staging and whatnot as it has no direct out, just a blend of original signal and verb.

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What made everyone buy up all the spring reverb units and drive up the price?

...single-handedly ruined the whole spring reverb and trashy mini console market worldwide. i found a good deal on a shure sr101 last year, but then the seller discovered him as a price comparison and suddenly wanted 500 quid instead of 100. we did not do business. it's a damn shame.

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Behringer 2600, there it is in the rack .. terrible .. but it's quite ok .. and of course the tubes pioneer sr-101 .. but that has short / medium springs .. purely visually I like the later bdd pioneers ... time tunnel ..

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