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Stereo VCA Compressor

Overstayer Stereo VCA Compressor
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The Overstayer Stereo VCA compressor is meant for creative use on the ‘way in' while tracking, and on the ‘way out’ while mixing, and anywhere in between. It has wide ranging timing controls, as well as blend and high and low frequency shelf eq boost controls, all continuously variable for quick and fluid shaping of dynamics and tone. The behavior of the compression is shape-able from fluid mix bus compression to aggressive pumping and extreme ambient and transient effects.


XLR to 1/4 TS

I'm seriously considering picking up an Overstayer Stereo VCA Compressor. One thing that I'm wondering about, though, is the XLR connectors on the Overstayer and how I'll interface this with my other gear. All my other gear has 1/4 TS outputs. I've found plenty of XLR to 1/4 TRS, but I don't know if those...

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November 2019 New Gear Thread

Overstayer Stereo VCA compressor with sidechain mod.

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Design My First Hardware Mix Buss

...a vari-mu. I actually have a fair amount of comps and all but one are VCA: API 2500+, half-rack Overstayer stereo VCA compressor, half-rack Overstayer stereo FET compressor, symetrix 501, dbx 166, bss dpr-402

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