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ID4 Instrument Driver

Overstayer ID4 Instrument Driver
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The Overstayer Instrument Driver is a dual channel line driver instrument amplifier. The multiple stages provide a wide array, from clean discrete gain to harmonics and soft saturation, from subtle thickening and high frequency and peak softening to rich distortion. Engage the pre boost and/or pull the saturation knob for oversaturation so you can distort, twist, and mangle for truly unique one of a kind sounds that just aren't possible in the digital domain.


  • Input selectable between the balanced XLR line input and unbalanced 1/4” DI input (switch in).
  • Convert instrument level unbalanced signals to +4 line level with pristine audio quality leaving your pre-amps free for microphones.
  • Use the balanced line input to re-process recorded tracks and soft synths.
  • Pre boost amplifier to overdrive the stages following while also engaging a pad on the final output.
  • Increases the drive and sensitivity of the SATURATION stage for more!
  • Provides more than 30dB of discrete gain.
  • 75Hz high pass filter immediately before the MASTER amplifier. If SATURATION is engaged a second high pass filter is also engaged within the SATURATION stage, which has the effect of shifting the harmonic content of the distortion more to the midrange.
  • 10KHz low pass filter to rolloff high frequencies.
  • Balanced XLR inputs and outputs, unbalanced 1/4" DI inputs.
  • Requires 12VDC at 1000mA supply (included).


Rack Saturator under $1000

...not sure if I need a preamp or dedicated saturator. One of the best options suggested by these threads is an Overstayer iD4, but I can't find one for sale anywhere. There's tons of great options in the $2-3k range (Fatso, Silver Bullet), but I'd like to come in under that for now and upgrade...

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Better musical results from buying one or two big ticket synths or a variety of smaller cool ones?

...vulture 1 Sherman filterbank 2x2 2roland mv8000s 1 elektron analog 4 1 elektron rytm 1 elektron machinedrum mkii 1 elektron momomachine 2 ensoniq dp pro 1 overstayer ID4 1 overstayer vaca compressor with side chaining 1 red iron buffer 1 spl transient designer 1 spl vitaliser tube 1 hydra synth 1 wavestate 1 korg radians 1 ex5r completely maxed out 1 novation supernova 2 with the voice expansion 1 emu E...

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Better musical results from buying one or two big ticket synths or a variety of smaller cool ones?

That list is absurd and is just going to be a distraction if you actually want to make music rather than just be a collector of things. I encourage you to slim down to just a few good ones if you want to be musically productive.

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