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Optimus 33-3017
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Getting back into recording and am overwhelmed by options! Oktava MLK-2500 Real Russian Mic w/ Russian Power Supply Electro Voice RH-10 dynamic mic Audix UD-300 Shure SM57s and 58s Shure Unisphere B PE588 Optimus 33-3017 Unidirectional Microphone Zoom H2 Recorder At this point I think a nice preamp would be the next step, but am uncertain. Does the Firepod suck badly? Are the converters capable of a professional...

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Help with wiring a radio shack electret condenser.

long time lurker, first time poster. i have this crappy optimus 33-3017 i like to put overhead when recording demos. i accidentally pulled the wires off the pins, and am not really sure which wire goes to which pin to re-solder now. any ideas? thanks.

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