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OktavaMod U87
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Risk-Free, classic sound from your mic at 1/8th the cost of a U 87
Re-voiced, very low noise (5 dBa) FET / transformerless circuit
New, upgraded single-layer headbasket increases openness and reduces coloration
Improved low diffraction capsule base diffusor improves transient response accuracy
MJE-K47 capsule provides mid-focused "Neumann-esque" sound with sibilance-free top end

OktavaMod'd Rode NT1a Mod - Affordable U87 Alternative Vocal Mic

The headbasket mod, MJE-K47 capsule, acoustical upgrades and circuit mods work together as a system to provide a more balanced and natural frequency response without excessive HF rise or sibilance. Your vocals will sound like you want them to - and not frying bacon ; )

The end result - your RODE NT1 or NT1a will be transformed into a boutique vocal mic featuring the MJE-K47 capsule that oozes classic mic voicing (a "beer budget" U87 alternative?) without excessive high end boost. Your digital recordings will be better as a result.


RODE NT1-A Not Satisfied.

Selling my Rode NT1-A Anniversary Edition microphone with the Michael Joly u87 mod in the classified section. $375

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RODE NT1-A Not Satisfied.

I'd really like to try one (modded), but there are apparently none in Finland..

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RODE NT1-A Not Satisfied.

I had the same mod done on my pair of NT1-A. It doesn’t make them 87s, but it makes them very good LDC mics with no bad habits. Still exceptionally quiet and none of the NT1-A screamy sibilance and harshness. That’s a very good price.

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