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Novation Xiosynth
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King Korg in my Cart- any reason I shouldn't complete the order?

...this makes it tippy and want to flop over backwards. The narrower design of a Korg N5, Roland JX, Novation Xiosynth or almost any M-Audio Midi controller is better. If you don't want a narrow synth then get a shorter one- 2-3 octaves at most This fits very well on the lap- think Micron, Miniak,...

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Older VA synths... Obselete or overlooked?

The XL is a cut down version of the Radias. So, I can concur that it's up to the task of pretty much anything. The differences in sound for basic stuff are a lot less noticeable than people think, especially if you don't use a ton of resonance. Most comparison demos between two synths usually...

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Trance Gating Hardware Synth OTB?

Yeah the Novation Xiosynth had a trance gate thing.

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