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Novation X-Station
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Alternative Xstation 49

Hi I have a little but versatile live set with Macbook Pro with Ableton live and Novation XStation 49. 49 keys is the perfect size for me for travel. I use the USB audio interface in the XStation to record and loop the synth sounds in audio tracks in Ableton. Also switch to controller and...

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When to be satisfied with what one has?

...I already have more than enought choice and wonder if I actually made my best music with FruityLoops, a Novation X-Station, my DSI Evolver, various VSTIs, and the awesome V-Synth. I have far less time, far more disposable cash, yet I wonder if my desires to spend are simply a protracted adolescence (in middle...

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What gear are you thinking about selling next, and why?

I'm actually doing it. The purge is ongoing. Downsizing, finally. Sold in the last few weeks: Matrix 1000 Emu MP7 Virus TI desktop TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 Privia PX5S MODX7 Hydrasynth Novation 61SL mk3 On the bench / on the fence: Slim Phatty X-station 61 TG77 K2500RS Markbass Stereo Multiamp Art Pro VLA II Geddy Lee Jazz Akai EWI usb A6 2011 MBP Bye bye gear, hello space.

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