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M-100 Professional Monitors

NHT M-100 Professional Monitors
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Many years ago, we created two speakers for the Pro market, the M-10 and the M-100. Both were limited runs and sold through quickly. It is gratifying to know there are still a few pairs located in project studios in the States and Abroad

10" bass woofer
6" mid-range driver
1" tweeter

88dB (2.83V / m)

Sugested Amplifier power
20 - 400W

8 Ohms

12.5"w X 16"d x 30.5"h


Listening Levels the room, I'll crank up the levels for the first listen. Nothing like a little volume to impress! I use NHT Pro M100 monitors for the majority of the time while mixing, with Genelec 1035 mains and Yamaha NS10s for near-field detail work. I live in my Beyer-Dynamic DT770 headphones. Love the plushy earfoams....

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Listening Levels

By NHT Pro M100 do you mean the (now discontinued) MOO's? I looked up M100 and can't find any such thing. Closest I saw was the M-00, which seemed both remarkably inexpensive, and widely used by pros. What's the attraction?

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Need some new monitors

...exact company for monitors as you currently have, (which-if it was me-I probably wouldn't want either), I'd go with some NHT Pro M100's. If you can find a pair, you will be more pleased than you have ever been in your entire life! (but please, add some sound control to your room...

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