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8816 Summing Mixer

NEVE 8816 Summing Mixer
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Summing mixer with metering and monitor options.
16 Channels with additional Aux inputs Cue
Level, Pan, Solo, and Mute switches
Settings are available on PC or Mac via USB
Typical Neve amplifier circuit
Different insert switching possibilities
Fixed insert point in the sum
Special centre and side signal - Insert Send Return
Solo In Place Function
Exclusive stereo track control (stereo width)
Separate monitor and cue controls
Connections: Main and old speaker outs, talkback mic and headphone output
Optional digital output card (Art.113677)
Size: 2U rack with specially shielded power supply, trafosym. outputs


Neve 8816 (& other AMS/Neve products) important tip

...with Win7 64-bit OS ? (Or other Win 64-bit OS) ? Just picked up an 8803 (same recall software as 8816, 8801 etc.). Recall works fine on an older 32-bit OS, but not on our current workstation. Granted our workstation never touches the web, so perhaps Win7 updates are required and will...

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Introducing the Neve 8424 Console

...summing mixer with extra connection options. Yes, it is that. It is a lot more featured than an 8816. But they aren't talking about old-school analog board mixes in their marketing literature. It's for hybrid workflow with full session recall. There's no pictures of someone doing an old-school console...

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Summing mixers (help me understand)

Ah, you're a good man. Cheers, really. I mean... for me the idea of a stereo mix is not the end of the world. Yeah, i think you understand how I set up and work. So, say I was okay with a stereo mix - would what I'm intending to do work with a summing mixer?...

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