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NEVE 1073
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Mono mic-pre + 3 band EQ. Fixed high frequency and fixed Q + high pass filter.

transformer microphone preamp amp (Class A design)
3 EQ bands
Hand-built and hand-wired to original 1970s design
HP filter
Neve designed hand-wound transformers
Both inputs are transformer balanced and earth free
Microphone Input: Gain +80db to +20dB in 5dB steps.

Line Input: Input impedance 10k ohms, gain +20dB to -10dB in 5dB steps.
Output: Maximum output is >+26dBu into 600Ω.
Output is transformer balanced and earth free
Distortion: Not more than 0.07% from 50Hz to 10kHz at +20dBu output
(80kHz bandwidth) into 600Ω.
Freq Response: ±0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz, -3dB at 40kHz. EQ Out.


Goodness gracious, which Neve?!!!

...with a vintage BCM-10) and I can tell you what MY ears (and sometimes the engineer there) thought. The list: AMS 1073N AMS 1073 hand-wired BAE 1073 BAE DMP Heritage 1073 Shelford 5052 Converted vintage 1272 Vintage Neve 1290 with correct vintage input/output transformers Is this the answer you are looking for? I did all these comparisons over a while but always level...

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Universal Audio announces UAD Spark UADx native subscription service

...the DSP hardware that was previously required. The UADx line includes the famed 1176 and LA2A compressor collections, the Neve 1073 Preamp/EQ, the Studer A800 tape machine, Lexicon's 224 Digital Reverb, the API Vision Channel Strip and 2500 Bus Compressor, among others. The initial native plug-in selection will be further expanded in the future....

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What order to power on/off?

...first whenever I finish recording...? *So this is LINE input and not MIC input of my UFX mk1. JZ v12 --> Neve 1073 (phantom power on) --> 33609 compressor --> Avalon 747 EQ --> Analog input 1 of UFX mk1

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