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SYMPHONY SERIES instruments are built around a common intuitive interface design, allowing quick and easy access to deep expression features such as auto divisi, drum resonance simulation, hundreds of articulations and playing techniques, true legato, fast adjustment of dynamic layers, and much more. Mixing and effects features are also standardized across the portfolio, allowing exquisitely realistic performances with unparalleled ease.


Your 2018 Gear Plans

...goes for the MX-1. I like the device, but hate the in-your-face lights and colors. Furthermore, thinking about buying the NI Symphony Series Collection. I love composing and realizing cinematic orchestral music and feel that the Symphony Series will add so much more flavor to the basic symphony instruments in Kontakt (which I use now).

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Your 2018 Gear Plans

I sold mine with the 7X7 addon, got good money for it and yours will sell. Replacing with a SP 16 which will do the same interface but with far better features, 1stly the 8 analog out, then add the DSI P6 filter, then xOx sequencing and that 7 inch screen This will do everything the...

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Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

...the instruments and effects so it isn't terribly cost effective. Honestly for that money i would just get the full Symphony Series collection.

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