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CR-24 Studio Condenser Kit

MXL CR-24 Studio Condenser Kit
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A unique addition to the MXL microphone line, the MXL Cr-24 Black Chrome Vocal & Instrument Microphone Kit is destined to become an artist favorite. This stunning vocal and instrument duo is handcrafted with a finish that dazzles like chrome, but with a black sheen like no other microphone out there. The MXL Cr-24 Kit captures the fine nuances of vocals and instruments and will exceed your wildest expectations on clarity, presence and detail.


Mxl 2003a

I can confirm that the MXL Cr-24 uses the same circuit board as the MXL 2003a, even though mine has the "2" of the "2003a" inexpertly scraped away. Other than that, everything is identical. BTW, instead of cables in the package, you get a pair of gloves, to use when handling your new pimped...

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Best Value Vocal Mic Opinions

At the risk of reiterating previous advice that will go completely unheeded, before sinking more money into cheap mics and mod kits for cheap mics (which won't change what they fundamentally are), do some maths and figure out how much you have spent and will be spending on all these mics in total, then think...

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SE-2200 vs WA-47jr FET as vocal mic?

I don't have any experience with the SE 2200. But I own a pair of the warm audio 47Jrs. I absolutely love them. I've only ever use them for loud rock and roll. They work great on vocals, electric guitars, and drum overheads

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