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Microtech Gefell M 300
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The Gefell M 300 is a compact condenser microphone in studio quality. The frequency response of the transmission factor is practically linear for a wide range of sound incidence and has a smooth treble boost rising to about 3 dB between 6 and 10 kHz. The miniature microphone is well suited for vocal and instrumental soloists. lt permits a lifelike recording also at various sound incidence, e.g. announcer in synchronous studios, speaker, blower.

The M 300 is designed for studio applications in radio, television broadcasting and films for live performance and recording of instruments, vocals and speech and sound reinforcement in the professional and semiprofessional market also under adverse acoustic conditions, e.g. in churches.

A new low-noise integrated hybrid circuit and the transformer-less circuit design guarantee an extremely wide dynamic range by a low equivalent loudness level and a high reliability in operation. RFI susceptibility is very low.

The microphone is powered by a three-pin XLR connector with the C 70 microphone cable. The power supply is provided by 48 V phantom powering, which is internationally standardized as P 48 in DIN 45596 and IEC 268-15. A two-channel powering is possible with the N 200 power supply.

The finish of the miniature microphone is dark bronze.


Neumann KM184

...a classical violin session where we've had to do some punch ins on the violin that was recorded with a Gefell M300 and the punches are fine, it just took a minute to figure out the placement but it's working. And btw a AKG 451 is a helluva lot brighter than than a KM184....

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Good Mic for 00 size acoustic guitar.

...I'd suggest recording in stereo; my favorite is a spaced pair setup. Depending on your budget, you might want to consider Gefell M300 or M295. I use a pair of Gefell M296S omnis, but they are very susceptible to poor room characteristics.

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Mid-Side phase behaviour

...Didn't know there could be phase with 1 mic. The sides are panned hard left and right. The mid mic is a Gefell M300 and the side mic a Coles 4038. I tried to align them as much as possible but the Coles is big. I try to attach a sample, hope it works. You will see the phase...

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