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ChannelStrip 3

Metric Halo ChannelStrip 3
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ChannelStrip is like having the channel strip section of a large format console - with a few awesome Metric Halo twists!

As a signal processing bundle ChannelStrip integrates everything you need to process the channels that make up a mix as well as process the entire mix bus.

Featuring an Expander, Compressor, multi-band EQ, and a limiter, ChannelStrip provides a unified interface for processing your tracks. It also includes phase invert, channel delay, comprehensive metering and SpectraFoo™ spectrum analysis - so you can see your audio as well as you can hear it.

ChannelStrip is an essential tool for every project.

Key Features

  • Expander, Compressor, EQ, & Limiter in one processor
  • Fully parametric interpolated EQ
  • Integrated side-chain EQ for dynamics
  • Individually switchable side-chains for dynamics blocks
  • Individual side-chain listen for dynamics blocks
  • EQ/Compressor routing control
  • SpectraFoo™ spectrum analysis built-in
  • Scalable gain reduction meters
  • More than 100 presets included
  • Adjustable UI size / Disclosable Graphs
  • MH Preset Manager - Provides cross-platform presets


Serban Ghenea Mixes - all ITB?

...clients so they can do revisions remotely. As others have stated he is completely ITB, I think he uses Metric Halo Channel Strip, and I also remember reading somewhere that he likes McDsp and UAD plugins too, judging from a few pictures I've seen of his studio, his monitors are Quested VH208 and Pro...

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Plugins that you use on every mix?

...up with a list of things that mostly I have used for a long time and are familiar with. Metric Halo Channelstrip 3: This is no secret; it is the first go-to EQ / channelstrip picked for anything. This is mainly due to comfort level. When you are comfortable working on a...

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Serban Ghenea Mixes - all ITB?

Yes, I'll do that too. Double up the rolloff on MH channel strip.

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