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Mackie HR824
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The Mackie HR824 Studio Monitor is an active, biamplified speaker that delivers a wide, deep, and incredibly detailed sound field. You can actually hear distinct tonal qualities of an instrument's low end. High frequencies and midrange are clean and articulate. A low-frequency acoustic space control makes it easy to tailor the sound to your space. Internally powered by 2 smaller versions of Mackie's FR M•1200 power amp, delivering 150W for the lows, 100W for the highs. Features a 1" alloy dome high-frequency transducer, an 8-3/4" low-frequency transducer, 1/4" and XLR inputs, overload/clip LED, and logarithmic wave guide. 34 lbs.

Biamplified active studio monitor
Flat, detailed, and transparent sound
Non-resonant, H-braced 3/4" MDF cabinet
Radius-edge, 1" MDF front panel
Internal foam damping
1" alloy dome HF tweeter with ferrofluid-cooled voice coil
8-3/4" LF driver with mineral-filled propylene cone
Oversized magnet structure
6" x 12" passive aluminum/phenolic honeycomb radiator
Mackie FR-series power circuitry
150W to lows, 100W to highs
Modified Linkwitz-Riley crossover
1/4" and XLR ins
Overload/clip LED
Acoustic-space optimization EQ
Logarithmic wave guide
10"W x 15-3/4"H x 12-1/4"D


Roll call, what monitors are you using..?

A decades-old pair of Mackie HR824s. Not the very first iteration, though I had some of those as well, but a slightly later revision with balanced XLR inputs that still falls under the “mk1” designation.

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Steven Slate VSX Headphone: Mix in Pro Studios, Mastering Rooms, Cars, Clubs, Boomboxes, & More

...them without the big bad eq that most rooms are. I did it once with a pair of oversized Mackie HR824's I think they were.. sounded so different to my 'treated' room. Sobering stuff like a cold wet flannel up your whatsit in the morning.

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testing mackie 624 in my room

Did your Mackies come with a factory test measurement paper? My old HR824 mk2’s did. This would show you how well matched or not they are. To take the room out of the measurements, you can time gate the measurement to exclude any reflections. This will show the speakers output. You can also test them outside. Grab...

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