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The Mackie Control Universal Pro from Mackie is a 9-fader (8-channels + master) USB/MIDI controller that provides mixing, editing, automation and navigational control for any supported digital audio workstation. Utilizing a proprietary communication protocol allows the controller to "talk" to various software applications without additional set-up.

The unit communicates with the computer via USB and provides connectors for up to three pieces of external MIDI gear. For some users this functionality could allow them to remove any external MIDI interfaces from their systems.

Each of the 8 channel strips includes a 100 mm, Alps touch-sensitive motorized fader in addition to mute, solo, and record arming buttons. Also included is a Signal LED, a Channel Select button, and a V-Pot that can be used to control panning, send levels, EQ, dynamics, and other DSP plug-in modules. The control surface also contains a full automation assignment section, edit buttons, Undo, Redo, and Save buttons, and a Shift Modifier that offers dual functionality for specific commands.


Customised Mackie Control with DAW Sync and Full Plug-in Control

I've been designing a new control map and workflow system for Studio One using a customised Mackie Control script. It's called 'QMap' and it's finally about ready to be released on the unsuspecting public.. :heh: It will work 'out of the box' with full functionality on any X-Touch Universal/Extenders and original MCU/Extenders. I'll start implementing a...

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Solid State Logic unveils the UF8 Advanced Studio DAW Controller

Looks nice, but why should I buy that when I can buy a second hand 24 faders Mackie Control for probably less money?

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Solid State Logic unveils the UF8 Advanced Studio DAW Controller

Thank you :) Just for clarity as per the Steinberg thread. You have two UF8’s connected with 2 Mackie control devices setup in Cubase. You also have more than 16 tracks in your project e.g. mixture of audio, FX and group tracks. The channel visibility option I’m referring too is not the one you...

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