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Maat Digital RSPhaseShifter
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The only official digital implementation of Roger Schult/German Audio Lab’s Phase Shifter W2324 pure analogue hardware.


MAAT thEQorange

...requests with enthusiasm. I doubt that anything will be done past initial presentation with this EQ. I absolutely LOVE the RSPhaseShifter from MAAT though, that thing is simply beautiful and was a worthy purchase. Their support is good too as I have had to wipe my computer twice now and forgot both times to deregister...

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Good dither practices, what are yours?

Hey Bob and Karloff, thanks for mentioning Linearise, for some reason this one passed me by. I love the MAAT stuff - I've got the RSPhaseShifter which is simply incredible, and have used Algorithmix Red and the NR plugins in particular for many years. Same fidelity, super high quality stuff. Cheers!

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MAAT releases thEQblue version 3.0

...had updated the EQs to 64 bit, looks like they are still 32/80 bit extended precision, even better) like the RSPhaseShifter, which advertises “optimized internal 64 bit processing for highest fidelity, double precision, 64 bit DSP” still show 32 bit output here in Reaper. 64 bit plugs like ReaEQ show the full 64 bits being...

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