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M-Audio Luna
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What's in YOUR mic locker???

Kel Audio HM-7U Kel Audio HM-1 M-Audio Luna ADK Generis GC-1 Gauge ECM-87 Don't have much but it does the job and gets deals done.

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Vocal Recording Setup Upgrades advice

...budget models as I don't do a lot of vocal recording. Some aren't made any more - like my M-Audio Luna (which I quite like). My other favourite mic is my Rode Procaster - a rare example of product that costs less here in Australia versus overseas. And while I've been around usage of other...

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Hardware vocal chain? Advice me great results could be achieved with the WA-47jr and the $49 SSL bundle TBH. Heck I have an M-Audio Luna into a Zoom UAC-2 and processed on the SSL emulation in Reason and I don't really feel that the audio chain is my main problem! But ... gear lust is what it is I...

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