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Seventh Heaven

LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven
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LiquidSonics’ Seventh Heaven is dedicated to the reproduction of thirty of the best reverbs from the legendary Bricasti M7 in an incredibly easy to use and extremely powerful native reverb plug-in. Every preset has been meticulously sampled to provide unparalleled flexibility true to the original hardware to produce rich, organic reverbs of up to thirty seconds with full control over the early, late and very low frequency components.

Taking its core technology from Seventh Heaven Professional, the more affordable Seventh Heaven is an indispensable tool for the budget conscious producer whose primary focus is achieving the very highest acoustic quality from a simple and highly versatile native reverb plug-in.


Best Reverb Plugins you own and how many

I love the Valhalla Plate, but the one that has blown my mind lately is Seventh Heaven SHP. Lush and thick reverb that has won every single challenges vs other Bricasti´s M7 emus.

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Acustica audio acqua plugins general discussion

...and EQ with hardware or Aquas. Finally I complement those with some of my favorite algos (Crave EQ, Seventh Heaven, Acon Verberate, TDR, Softube, etc). Also I randomly discovered that I really like the gold tube preamp #2 at the very end of my vocal chain, even after the desser! In the end I...

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90s Hip Hop Mixing & Mastering - Software or Hardware?

Ah thank you for the info man! Very much appreciated! I am using the sp950 already. I'll definitely look into everything else you mentioned. Thanks!

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