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Line 6 POD XT
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Guitar Preamplifier-Cabinet emulator. Further development of the POD. PODxt features 42 groundbreaking amp models, 24 models of the most historic speaker cabinets ever built and 60 stunningly-crafted models of classic stompbox and studio effects..


In Defense Of The POD, No - Seriously.

Soooo… A few years ago I bought a POD XT for the house as a quick and dirty little practice set up. I could play in the house quietly, and because it has USB connectivity I could also record some simple stuff into Garage Band on the iMac. After a little while I pulled...

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January 2020 New Gear Thread

...had been planning to pick up the latest Line6 rack and was watching for good deals but then this older Pod XT Pro popped up locally for a real nice price and I figured why not? The screen is smaller and has fewer models but still has tons of good models and effects. I'll...

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Test your ears! PodXT or a DOD 555 distortion pedal?

OK, here are the answers: "Think About It Tomorrow" uses the PodXT for guitar amp models, and "What Are You Asking" uses the DOD 555 distortion pedal for the distoshun on all guitar parts.

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