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Lindell Audio PEX-500
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The PEX Five Hundred is a one channel transformer coupled Passive Pultec inspired Equalizer. It’s an all discrete design based upon our hybrid amplifier. (It can be upgraded with our Vintage OPA)

The Equalizer is our take on the magical classic Pultec design. It’s got 15db boost of the creamiest high end you’ve ever heard and the most punchy low end heard in the 21st Century.


List of 500 series inductor eq's

...Allstars EQP - toroidal HF boost inductor only Bettermaker 502 - HF boost industor only IGS Rubberbands - HF boost inductor only Lindell PEX500 - HF boost inductor only EMPEQ - HF boost inductor only CAPI LC53A - inductors in all 3 bands, matching 550A shapes (550A are inductorless) CAPI 553F - toroidal inductors in LF & MF, HF is...

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Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

Great company! I have and use many of their plugins. They are very generous too - they have sold a lot of plugins to me for just $9 during sales throughout the year. My favorite PA plugins include the SPL PassEQ, ACME XLA-3 Opticomp, bx_control, unfiltered audio indent, Lindell PEX-500 and the Vertigo VSC-2.

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Arturia unveils FX Collection 2

I own thousands worth of plugins and have a full analog mix rig. Both ways have advantages, BUT for me with analog processors and summing, its the sound. With ITB its convenience and truth be told because i charge much cheaper to mix that way than OTB I do way more mixing that way. It...

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