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Lexicon Omega Studio
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Omega Studio is a completely integrated computer recording system that includes the Omega 8x4x2 USB I/O Mixer, Steinberg's® Cubase LE 5 audio and MIDI recording software, and Lexicon's world-class Pantheon VST Reverb plug-in. The Omega Desktop Recording Studio quite literally contains all the necessary components to transform your computer into a professional 24-bit recording studio - all in one box.

Unlike standard computer I/O boxes based on a patch bay concept, the Lexicon Omega Studio is designed and built around the same paradigm as large-format recording consoles. An 8-input, 4-Bus, 2-output USB I/O mixer with inserts, instrument input, MIDI I/O and complete metering and monitoring functions gives you the freedom to record up to 4 tracks at once and mix without the need for additional mixing hardware.

Two dbx Silver Series® mic preamps with 48V phantom power provide a pristine front end for high-end condenser or more common dynamic microphones, insuring premium sound quality from the first take to the last. TRS insert points allow you to plug in your favorite dynamic processors before the signal reaches one of the 4 busses, where 24-bit converters transform the analog signal into a digital masterpiece.

Four servo-balanced TRS line inputs with up to +22dBu input levels let you hook up everything from keyboards to guitar preamps, including high-output professional gear. Stereo digital inputs are available via SPDIF jacks, and an additional high-impedance instrument input is included on the front panel for easy access to guitars and basses.


"Top 5" High-End/medium/Low-End converters...

HIGH END: 1. Weiss 2. Prism 3. Lavry 4. Apogee 5. Mytek MEDIUM: 1. Digi 192 2. Benchmark 3. SSL 4. Lucid 5. Prism Orpheus LOW-END: 1. RME 2. Digi 003 3. Digi M-Box 4. Lexicon Omega 5. M-Audio Ooooh, but where does this leave everything between Cranesong to MOTU? mezed What do YOU think?

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USB to SPDIF conversion - kind request of advice

...I've not detected any noise that I'm aware of on any of my products. I'm using a Tascam 1600, a Lexicon Omega and an X32 mixer as my usual audio devices, and they perform very well. As for firewire v USB, the X32 can use either, and I happily use either, the choice often...

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Rosetta 200 with FW card and lunchbox. Need more outs!

...been using the 200 for many years now for mixdown and need to upgrade my firewire interface. Been using a Lexicon Omega just for the firewire and headphone but I get clicks and pops sometimes.

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