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Lewitt LCT 240 PRO
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The LCT 240 PRO is a condenser microphone for beginners and pros alike and makes it easy to record in stunning studio sound quality. The LCT 240 PRO is a condenser mic for beginners and pros alike. Whatever you're going to record with the LCT 240 PRO will shine right from the start in studio sound quality.


The best cheap microphones that are actually worth collecting

A few low cost, great sounding and well built mics that have really impressed me in the past year have been in no particular order: Lewitt LCT 240 Pro $150 Roswell Mini K47 $300 Aston Origin $300 All 3 in my opinion are mics that will stay in your mic locker and keep getting use as you upgrade.

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What's in YOUR mic locker???

...for me live or in studio: Dynamics: Audix i5 Audix D2 x2 Audix D4 Audix D6 Akg D112 AKG D40 Sontronics STC-80 Sennheiser 609 Silver Condensers: Lewitt 040 x2 match pair Lewitt LCT 240 pro x2 Ribbon: T.Bone RM700 Currently looking on some Warm Audio 47jr and a sE7 Sdc...but maybe next month

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What's in YOUR mic locker???

AKG D310 AKG D1000e Behringer C2 (x2) CAD Audio KBM412 EV 630 EV RE45N/D GLS ES-57 (x3) Lewitt LCT 240 Pro MXL 990 MXL 991 Nady SP-1 Neewer NW700 (x2) Peavey PVi1000 (x2) Pyle PDMIC57 Pyle PDMIC78 (x2) Shure SM57 (x2) Shure SM7B SMM-200 MTV

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