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DGT 650

Lewitt DGT 650
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The DGT 650 is meant to establish a new class in the USB microphone segment - and it’s got some serious points in its favor.

It supports ASIO for Windows and OS X Core Audio - and is also easily combined with mobile devices. To maximize its mobile abilities, it can be powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery. Other onboard features include an analog preamp, a switchable high-pass filter, two pre-attenuation settings and four different recording modes.

In stereo mode, the two condenser capsules provide a 90° XY stereo signal. Cardioid mode offers a cardioid pattern for recording speech or singing. In Singer/Songwriter mode, the DGT 650 can simultaneously put out both a mono signal and a line signal. For the stereo line-in mode, finally, there’s a stereo input that makes possible two-channel recording from a mixer or other line source. All of these modes allow the additional inclusion of a MIDI signal.

With a dynamic range that exceeds 110 dB-A, 24-bit resolution, high-quality accessories, and the unaltered, authentic sound that’s so typical of LEWITT, the DGT 650 can confidently take its place at the top of the field of currently available USB microphones.


Lewitt Demo Kit

...condenser for mid microphone 1x LCT 940 tube/FET mic for guitar and oud recording 2x LCT 340 pencil mics for stereo setups 1x DGT 650 because this super-portable stereo USB mic/interface combination is simply surprisingly good and easy to setup for stereo live recordings." (that's what Steffen wrote). I didn't have time yet to start to play with the...

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Lewitt Demo Kit

We also released a comparison yesterday ... We wanted to see how well the DGT 650 works as live stereo recording solution in direct comparison with two LEWITT LCT 55Os in XY-setup with all the needed gear. The DGT 650 went directly into an iPod and that's it ... What do you think?

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I also own a Shure MV88 ( the lightning version) and I find it useful. It would also be great to use it with a Mac as a usb mic, but it seems there is no way to find a lightning/female to USB adapter cable. The updated version of the mic uses a USB...

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