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Model 583s

LaChapell Audio Model 583s
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500 Series Vacuum Tube-base Microphone Preamplifier


HERE IT IS! The 500 Series Shootout Files!

...the shootout as the MA-5 (gold) already had been and the only difference is the color of the faceplate La Chapelle 583s (uses a Jensen input Xformer)

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Can of worms… AML ez1073 vs WA273

Just to bring the thread up to date, I now have in my possession an MA5, a LaChapelle 583s, an ez1073 plus add on eq and passive DI by AML to build. Also a Manley Core and a WA76. We should be pretty well set up. Plus our interface in that room is a...

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Chandler Limited TG + Universal Audio Twin Duo VS. Townsend Labs Sphere L22 + Universal Audio x6

yo, thank you for all the references, ill go check out every single one of them. I personally love mics which make me sound just the way I sound in real life since i have a pretty enjoyable speaking voice and don't push when rapping or singing. kinda like juicewrld in a way. I almost whisper...

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