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KSdigital A100
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The A100 offers the compact entry into linearity, pulse fidelity and performance of the A-Line monitors.

By using the patented FIRTEC technology, the A100 displays a defined spatial panorama and allows an exact positioning of individual instruments and events in the music signal.

The 8“ diaphragm of the bass mid driver provides sufficient amplifier power even at low listening levels, but also allows high listening volumes without any problems.

The high performance fabric dome is available from 1200Hz and thus transmits all overtones. This unusually low crossover frequency is part and pre-requisite for the musical reproduction of the loudspeaker.
The tweeter‘s waveguide turned from solid aluminium offers a defined radiation for a wide sweet spot and gently dazzles the cabinet edges of the speaker.

In addition to the high and low shelving accessible from the rear, they allow six parametric EQs to match the position of the monitor in the studio. These, as well as all other parameters such as volume, delay, can be controlled with the optional KSD-RC.


New monitors in the £2-3k range - help ! ?

...them if needed, they have a clever browser based UI, and having them in portrait or landscape mode. Very flexible. KS digital A100 or the A200 might be an option too.. great underrated monitors. Again, if you can squeeze the budget the Hedd Type20 are a nice 3way, IF you like the amt tweeter presentation. (There’s...

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PMC TwoTwo 5 vs PMC TB2 vs Neuman KH 120

...used Monitors, which i can afford. PMC TwoTwo 5 PMC TB2 Passive with ART-SLA -2 Studio Amplifier Neuman KH 120 Genelec 8040 BPM KS Digital A100 I red recently the Book from Mike Senior Mixing Secrets for small studios and he recommend closed monitors if we are talking about monitors up to 1700 Euro. I'm confused subtle,...

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PMC TwoTwo 5 vs PMC TB2 vs Neuman KH 120

I do like PMC’s (and ATC’s).. But I’d suggest you to NOT get the twotwo5, they’re too “compromised” probably due to their small size.. I’d rather get the Result6 or the newer (but more expensive series 6). TB2 is an old but valid monitor, on the passive side I’d also look at the earthworks sigma 6.2. Or...

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