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Korg Z1
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The Korg Z1 is a physical modelling sound synthesiser released in 1997. Touted as a polyphonic Prophecy, the Z1 implements 13 synthesis types, all derived from the original OASYS synthesizer.

The Korg Z1 uses the same Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System (MOSS) tone generator found in the Korg Prophecy. The MOSS tone generator is a direct descendant of the later abandoned Korg OASYS (Open-Architecture SYnthesis System) development platform. Later implementations of the MOSS tone generator were available as optional expansion boards for the Korg Trinity and Triton workstations.


Top 5 Digital Synthesizers

1. JP-8000 2. Korg Z1 3. Nordlead2 4. Supernova II 5. Waldorf Q 6. Virus Ti 7. V synth

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

A space to think about music and make some as well. Gear in the photo: Andromeda A6 Yamaha CP4 Roland JD 800 Yamaha DX7 II FD Korg Z1 Moog Voyager Sequential Prophet T8 Dave Smith Prophet 12 Korg WaveState OB-6 Module Korg Triton Rack Roland Integra 7 RME, Tascam and Focusrite interfaces

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Which non analog synth has the most character?

...when transient samples were used and it is totally unique. I think there is a case for something like a Korg Z1 also, given the code can't be replicated, but at least other synths have taken broadly the same approach, making it a bit more like other synths.

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