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The Korg Wavestation is a vector synthesis synthesizer first produced in the early 1990s and later re-released as a software synthesizer in 2004. Its primary innovation was Wave Sequencing, a method of multi-timbral sound generation in which different PCM waveform data are played successively, resulting in continuously evolving sounds. The Wavestation's "Advanced Vector Synthesis" sound architecture resembled early vector synths such as the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS.

Designed as a "pure" synthesizer rather than a music workstation, it lacked an on-board song sequencer, yet the Wavestation, unlike any synthesizer prior to its release, was capable of generating complex, lush timbres and rhythmic sequences that sounded like a complete soundtrack by pressing only one key. Keyboard Magazine readers gave the Wavestation its "Hardware Innovation of the Year" award,[4] and in 1995 Keyboard listed it as one of the "20 Instruments that Shook the World."

The Wavestation lineup consisted of four models: the Wavestation and Wavestation EX keyboards, and the Wavestation A/D and Wavestation SR rackmount sound modules.


The Korg 01w Thread

...use a PCMCIA adapter and a compact flash/SD card? I'm going to experiment :) Interesting update, I've noted that the Korg wavestation SR had versions of 4 of the 01W PCM cards sold for it, Dance, Ethnic, Piano and Synth Design, the PCM cards were the same and they were bundled with different preset cards. All...

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

Hi all, first time posting here. I wanted to share a picture of my setup. Keyboards (from top to bottom): -Technics SX-WSA1 -Yamaha EX5 -Alesis Fusion Left Side desktop modules: -PC running Ableton Live -Ableton Push 1 -Access Virus Racks (from top to bottom) -TC Helicon VoiceWorks -Korg Wavestation SR -Yamaha TG77 -iConnectivity Mio10 midi interface -Soundcraft UI24R Would love to hear your opinions!

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Prophet VS Substitute?

I see you have a Prophet VS listed in your Gearspace Studio. So did you finally acquire one? If so, how do you like it, did it live up to your expectations? I have one, but don't use it that much. I think it's pretty cool and everything, but it has it's limitations....

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