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Korg SQ-1
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When the classic MS-20 analog synthesizer appeared in 1978, it had a trusted partner in the SQ-10 step sequencer. Now, after thirty years, the MS-20 has been reborn as the MS-20 mini, and the SQ-10 has evolved into the more modern SQ-1

The SQ-1 is a compact step sequencer with 2 x 8 steps. It's wealth of connection jacks allows it to be connected to the MS-20 and a variety of other synthesizers. Vintage analog synths or the latest compact synths can be controlled from this single unit. You can also switch between a variety of synthesizer modes and use the step buttons to create performances overflowing with spontaneity, just as when using a volca unit. Liberate yourself from the numerically-bound parameter editing that's typical on a DAW; you'll enjoy truly musical inspiration as you train your ears and concentrate on what your fingertips are doing. Don't miss the experience of music that's driven by your instinct

Connect and control the MS-20 and many other types of equipment
A variety of sequencer modes
Step edit buttons inherited from the volca, providing excellent improvisatory possibilities
Sturdy and compact body, with battery operation


The Korg Arp 2600 FS *Actual Owners* Thread

...specific examples. A delay module would be pretty essential (typically patched pre-verb). Additional sequencing would be pretty sweet ( Beatstep? Korg SQ-1?) dare I say it? a digital VCO (e.g. morphing VCO from Synth Tech (e330 or the like)) A looper to lay down a sequence, then vamp over it? What do you think?

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Help me hook up my SQ1?

If SQ-1 is master clock then there's no issue. If SQ-1 is slaved to another MIDI clock, SQ-1 will not send MIDI.

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