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Minilogue XD

Korg Minilogue XD
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Korg Minilogue XD; hybrid Synthesizer; 4-voices polyphony; 37 velocity sensitive slim keys; per voice two analog VCOs and one digital Multi-Engine oscillator (Noise, FM, User-Wavetables); 2 pole filter with drive circuit; 1x VCA, 1x LFO, 2 Envelopes; Oscillator Sync and Ringmodulation; 500 program memory (200 Presets + 300 User); digital effects section with modulation effects, delay and reverb; 4 voice modes (Poly, Unison, Chord, Arp / Latch); joystick for pitch bend and modulation; Micro Tuning with 23 preset scales and 6 user scales; 16-step polyphonic sequencer with motion recording; OLED display with Oscilloscope function (Motion View); 44 knobs and switches for direct access to all parameters; solid Aluminium front panel; wooden rear panel; connections: stereo line out (2x 6.3 mm TS), headphone out (6.3 mm TRS), damper pedal (6.3 mm TS), Sync In / Out (3.5 mm TS), 2x CV in (3.5 mm TS), MIDI in / out, USB B; included power supply DC 9V (KA350); dimensions: 500 x 300 x 85 mm (WxDxH); weight: 2.8 kg


NEW: Korg Minilogue xd

...this thread, but I’ve been reading it for a while and haven’t seen it. To the users of the Minilogue XD: the 4-voices polyphony is very dramatic when you chain chords with released sounds? Is the cut very noticeable when you change the chord?

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

...to have fun, i was aiming for 1 synth + 1 drum machine or sampler and then add from there. The Minilogue XD had the perfect size for my project, and is convenient for both ITB and OTB. I researched hardware samplers/drum machines/sequencers and felt that the Digitakt would fill that role perfectly (and it...

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Blown away by Toraiz AS-1

When I got the Hydrasynth DT I was planning to use it with a Minilogue XD module, for the polyphonies. Nope. AS-1 one sound just dovetails much better (imho ymmv etc lol) Ooqp-E98CCQ

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