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Korg microKORG
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A true synthesizer with an analog modeling tone generator
Powerful-sounding oscillator section
Knife-sharp filter section
An amp section with great presence and distortion
EG and LFO add subtle tonal movement
Virtual patches for even more sophisticated sound-editing
Versatile and distinctive vocoder
128 programs for immediate use
A full range of effects
Freely settable arpeggiator
Process an external audio source via the audio inputs
MIDI controller functionality
Controls designed for easy access
Pop and distinctive looks, and an included mini-mic


How bad are the microKORG keys?

Hey there! I'm looking for a small keyboard to put in my desk and I was wondering if a microKORG would work well for this instead of a Keystep or a KK m32. I already have two full-size controllers (KK S61 mk2 and SL88 Grand) but in the space I'm now I have to put...

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Korg miniKORG700FS Limited Edition

Monotron (2 models) NTS-1 Volcas (10 models) Monologue Minilogue (2 models) MS-20 Mini Odyssey Microkorg (3 models) Opsix Wavestate Modwave i3 Kross That's about 25 models all below €700, most of them below €3-400. Including everything from simple analog monos to complex and powerful digitals and workstations. No other company (not even B) comes remotely close to providing such a vast and diverse offering of affordable synths. Even if...

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Is it wise to sell my 2 x JU-06 Boutiques to fund the Juno-X?

...a great uniqueness and utility and limited supply so they always just keep going up. Someday even trash like Microkorg MS1 Sampling keyboard will be over $1000. Inflation right now is really causing prices to shoot up on the secondary market. The boutiques that have gone out of production like the d-05 are regularly...

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