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LittleBits Analog Synth Kit

Korg LittleBits Analog Synth Kit
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The littleBits Synth Kit is an incredibly powerful, easy-to-use modular synthesizer that helps you unleash your inner rockstar. The Synth Kit, developed in partnership with Korg, a pioneer of electronic musical equipment, enables amateur and professional musicians to easily explore the iconic synthesizer instrument. This allows you to make exciting new sounds and build your own infinitely customizable and expandable analog modular instrument - all with little to no engineering or musical knowledge.

The Synth Kit includes an assortment of 12 electronic Bits that instantly snap together with magnets to create circuits like those used in Korg's famous analog synthesizers.

• Unleash your inner rockstar with this powerful, easy-to-use modular synthesizer
• Developed in partnership with Korg, a pioneer of electronic musical equipment
• Includes instruction book with 10 inventions and hundreds more online
• Connects to speakers, computers, headphones, and any instrument with an output jack for an amplifier
• Fits into the littleBits platform for infinite combos of audio, visual and sensory experiences


Can Korg get any cooler? Korg LittleBits Synth Kit

I did a google translate of the japanese page and it says: Sounds like there is a scalable (modular-ish) model at least. Seems fun.

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Tatsuya Takahashi moving away from Korg

...their own sound using technology amidst a world that is inundated with it. monotrons, monotribe, volcas, minilogue, monologue, some reissues, SQ-1, littleBits synth kit - we put out a lot of gear. After a blur of 21 products we released over seven years, I look at the world of synthesizers and it's a pretty cool place....

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Best starter synth/groovebox for my 7 year old daughter...

Some suggestions Korg littleBits Synth Kit: Bastl Kastle Synth: KASTLE SYNTH Novation Circuit: Novation Circuit - Groove Box Drum Machine - Refurbished B3 | eBay kfhkhkfhkhkfhkhkfhkhkfhkhkfhkhkfhkhkfhkhkfhkhkfhkhkfhkhkfhkh:cowbell::cowbell:rockoutrockout;)

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