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Korg DW-8000
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The Korg DW-8000 synthesizer was released to the buying public in late 1985 along with the cheaper model Korg DW-6000 synthesizer. The DW-8000 was an eight note polyphonic hybrid digital-analog synthesizer instrument. By the time of its launch Korg had already begun a common trend in 80s synthesizer design of using numerical parameter access as with the Korg Poly-800 eschewing the heavily laden control panels of earlier designs.

A more unusual feature of the instrument for the time was the use of single-cycle digital waveforms as the basic building block of sounds, and the inclusion of a digital delay effect. This latter feature was one significant factor in the relative success of the DW-8000 compared to the DW-6000 released the same year.


Korg DW8000 in 2017? If you're a producer looking at sounds from a practical production viewpoint and not from a live soloist view, the DW-8000 blows away lots of the competition imo. Here's some of my sounds for anyone interested in sounds from the 8000 that's not been out there before:

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Observations on the Prophet 12

...a front-to-back analog synth, it's not entirely digital. It's a hybrid and should be evaluated against similar instruments like the DW8000, ESQ-1, and the like. Secondly, there was quite a lot of chatter about the tone of the P12. Common adjectives thrown around were "cold," "metallic," and "thin." I'll admit that some of this discussion...

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Is there a Korg sound?

Very nice list. Some honorable mentions, very different sounds: PS3200 (late 70's semi-modular poly with presets) DSS-1 Wavedrum Z1 Electribes KingKorg

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