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Kawai K5000S
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The K5000 was Kawai's top of the line music workstation digital synthesizer when it was released back in 1996. It's a bold and elegantly designed synth with a large LCD display, realtime controls and incredible sounds! The look and functionality is rivals the competition from the time...the Korg Trinity and Kurzweil K2500.

Programming sounds with the K5000 can be a breeze (once you learn how) although it has over 1,000 parameters per patch! That's plenty to play with. It combines additive synthesis and PCM sampled waveforms for you to layer and combine to design a whole range of sounds. Plenty of LFO modulation, filters and envelope controls allow you to shape and morph your sounds further. On-board multi-effects add the final touch of life to your sounds. The W combines PCM and GM with ADD, while the S and R have only ADD

The K5000S also has a 40-pattern arpeggiator on-board with 8 user-definable patterns too! K5000's have been used by Kraftwerk.


Kawai K5000S - the return

i bought a Kawai K5000S in 1997 when they were first introduced in the US. it had an incredible wide, airy sound and the on-board effects were top notch. i could never make sense of the additive engine and used it as a rompler. there were better romplers out there, so...

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909Day: New Roland products to be announced. of sense. People however do not embrace new ideas and/or methods well in synth land. Look at the FS1R, EX5, K5000S, Neuron, VL-1, Z1, Yamaha's AFM and other attempts to introduce new methods of synthesis to the market. Nord had a great concept with the G1 and G2 modulars but they never exactly took...

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What really changed in EM production since the 90s

Nice, I made same conclusion at same time and started collecting hardware synths and samplers. Thinking they would be soon obsolete and unacheviable, never saw renaissance coming I seriously thought we will never see again new analog polys or hardware samplers. I was thinking there is going to be device like combination of interface...

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