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Kawai K1r
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16 voice digital synth. 256 PCM waveforms per oscillator (4 per sound), LFO, VCA with ADSR. 64 single patches or 32 combo patches. MIDI control 8 part multitimbral.


Kawai k1 love

I just picked up a K1r for $70. I like the string pads better than the ones on my friend's Proteus 2000, which I had until now thought of as the absolute best. The Proteus definitely sounds more realistic, but the K1 sounds like its blasting out of space, especially with my Yamaha SPX...

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June 2020 New Gear Thread

Through the generosity of another member I have a free TX-81z coming in to accompany my TX-7, and a K1r to replace the K1m I had until recently. Also some free crusty old effects incoming, a Korg DRV-1000, and an Art DR2a, to go with my Midiverb-II and the original Quadraverb I'm after... Names have...

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"Vintage" Synth prices - will it ever calm down??

...was done to death in the 1990s So I sort of get it but I don't and here's why! I bought my K1r brand new for around £200-£300 having already bought a K3 a few years earlier. This went well with the Casio CZ101 DX9 DX100 and RX11 drum machine and my then nice new QX5...

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