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JBL 4310
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Loudspeaker components

Frequencies up to 1500 Hz are reproduced by a powerfut longexcursion 12" woofer having a 3-inch diameter edgewound copper ribbon voice coit operating in a magnetic field of 9,200 gauss. The magnetic assembly weighs six pounds; free air cone resonance is a very low 27 Hz. The transition from the low frequency loudspeaker to the midrange transducer is made through a crossover frequency of 1500 Hz. Above thi s point, the midrange unit provides the clarity and freedom from distortion required in professionat work, even at very high loudness levels. The husky 5-inch transducer weighs 2.85 Ibs. and has a Va" diameter edgewound copper ribbon voice coil operating in a magnetic field of 16,500 gauss . The 4-inch diameter
edge-damped cone operates as a true piston , giving smooth response and wide dispersion through its operating range . Above 3 kHz a third direct rad iator gradually comes into effect, reaching full output above 7 kHz. This ultra-high frequency transducer, with an effective diameter of 1% inches, gives silky, effortless delineation of high-pitched transients and musical overtones.

As in all JBL toudspeaker systems, transducers, electricat network and acoustical enclosure are designed and tested to work together as a single integrated system. The 4310 enclosure is solidly constructed of %-inch stock throughout, with lock-mitered, wood-welded joints to prevent unwanted resonance. All loudspeakers are removable from the front of the enclosure. The high frequency transducers are mounted on a raised auxiliary baffle for widest possible dispersion, and to suppress cavity resonances and diffraction effects . A ducted port provides added acoustical loading in the very low frequency range to increase efficiency and reduce distortion.


why use studio monitors

...(consumer speakers that probably wouldn't pass muster with anyone these days) to mix at some point. Many people wouldn't find JBL 4310's or Altec 604c's acceptable by today's standards. But many great records were mixed on these (although to be fair mixing large track counts probably makes things more difficult).. I believe one should try...

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ADAM T7V vs. Yamaha HS7 and HS8

So, your T7V mixes when listening on the HS8 were better (i.e. more clarity) than the mixes that were solely done on the HS8? I have 2 options for room size, currently contemplating where to build the new studio: 1 room is a perfect long rectangular room 11 feet by 7 feet. Not very big...

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Name 3 speakers you would buy

Whether billionaire or pauper ..only speakers I'd use ..Altec 604, JBL 4310, or JBL 4311. Plus an Auratone. :rockband:

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